Leah Olajide, founder and editor of ColorBlind Magazine, shares her self-care routine

Updated: May 12, 2020

In honor of Women’s Health Week, Women’s Wellness and Lifestyle with Robin M. Wilson is proud to interview and recognize women who are committed to daily wellness.

What does wellness mean to you? “Wellness is more than physical health. It also includes how a person feels mentally and emotionally. I believe that wellness is ongoing. You never reach the pinnacle of wellness because it’s a lifestyle and is evolving.”

When did you start prioritizing your health? Why? “I started giving more attention to my health in October/November of 2019. My sister was going to a gym, my dad joined the gym, and [he] was adamant about giving more attention to his health after the loss of his best friend. So, it started to support my dad and my sister. However, I began to enjoy the gym experience! I had never belonged to a gym! I was content with doing [workout] videos at home on YouTube or working out here and there with friends. I’m glad I joined though; soon, going to the gym became a family affair.”

What is your self-care routine? “At the gym, I would try to go for classes at least three times per week. I LOVE the spin classes. They really helped me build endurance, strength, and confidence. I pushed myself in these classes. I literally felt myself become stronger physically, but more importantly, mentally. I also enjoyed the weight repetition classes, which helped build lean, long muscles. I took a weekly hour-long core workout class! Yikes! It was fun though!

The pandemic is upon us but I’m still working out! I purchased an exercise bike and I follow the cycling and strength classes via Peloton.

Aside from exercise, I’m a girly-girl. So, I love to treat myself to manicures, pedicures, and monthly massages. My mom and I committed to starting facial regimens. We each got our first facial in February 2020.

I also take care of myself spiritually and socially. My husband and I work hard to maintain an upbuilding spiritual routine. That helps us to stay focused on more important things. I also make time to socialize with family and friends. That may mean cooking together, having a meal at a restaurant, [or] enjoying a glass of wine together with some good pizza.

Having time to read and write is also part of my self-care lifestyle. It brings me a lot of joy. It’s as if I’m in my own world! I love it!”

How has your routine improved your wellness? “My wellness lifestyle has contributed to making me more positive, focused, and determined. Since I’ve begun a regular workout routine, my focus has been on getting stronger mentally, even if I never lose a pound! Having mental and emotional strength is so important to me. I’ve learned that gaining strength physically is what starts that process.

My other activities also help me to showcase my creativity and passions. Cooking and spending time with others feeds my need to be hospitable and to remain connected with those whom I love.”

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