Caring for babies and her community, Cierra Jones-Sankey is making a difference by Robin M. Wilson

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, Women’s Wellness and Lifestyle with Robin M. Wilson is proud to interview and honor women who make a difference in the lives of others everyday.

Meet Cierra Jones-Sankey

Wife, Mother, Certified Nurse, and Doula

What does wellness mean to you?

“Wellness means focusing on yourself first and foremost--- mentally, spiritually, and physically. It is a lifestyle and should [be] recognized as an everyday necessity to live---not just to survive.”

What inspired you to become a nurse and a doula? “I've always had a thing for caring for others. Being a nurse isn't the easiest career by no means, but it is one of the most rewarding.

Becoming a doula came naturally. As long as I can remember, I've loved babies. Being able to share the most sacred time in a woman's life is unexplainable. More importantly, our black mommas and babies are losing their lives at a higher rate than other races. Advocacy for women in general is important, but even more so for women who look like me and babies that look like mine.”

What do you love the most about your work? “I never stop learning. Each experience, person, and situation will always be different. So, you have to learn how to adapt the same way that you have to do in life. People trust you to do what is right and to have their best interest at heart. That alone makes me take pride in everything that I do---knowing that I gave it my all.”

What is your self-care routine? “My self-care routine is pretty simple. It includes salt baths, listening to music and motivational speeches (Les Brown is one of my favorites), indulging in amazing food, catching a movie by myself, planting flowers outside and catering to my indoor plant babies, and last but least educating myself on anything and everything holistic.”

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