Briana McCree is a healthcare professional with a personal commitment to wellness by Robin M. Wilson

In honor of Women’s Health Week, Women’s Wellness and Lifestyle with Robin M. Wilson is proud to interview and recognize women who are committed to daily wellness.

What does wellness mean to you? "Wellness means that you are not only physically well but also mentally well. When I was younger, I used to think that wellness was purely something obtained by getting a gym membership, working out, and eating right in order to obtain the “perfect body. As I’ve matured, I’ve realized that wellness also has a spiritual component that, to me, is the most important. In my opinion, without spiritual health, an external physical health cannot be obtained."

When did you start prioritizing your health? Why? "I’ve always been a person to watch and listen to the lives of others in order to either follow what they’ve done or go the opposite way. With that being said, I started to prioritize my health when I realized that there were several illness that my family had grappled with that were mostly preventable. I wanted to live a different life and be healthy enough to carry out the call that God has placed on my life."

What is your self-care routine? "Self care is something that has become a more recent priority in my life and it includes several things that keep me sane and centered. My self-care routine includes listening to an interesting podcast, attending church regularly, and taking time out to be alone in the comfort of my own presence. It also includes therapy sessions, having deep and meaningful conversations with people that I love, and watching thought-provoking and inspiring performance art. All of these things culminate into the things that spark joy in my life and which, in turn, sparks a life filled with self-reflection and peace."

How has your routine improved your wellness? "My self-care routine has improved my wellness by giving me a clear mind, and an open heart that allows me to not only care for myself but also for others in a way that wouldn’t have been possible had I not made self-care a priority."

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