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At age 28, I got married and two months later, I almost died. My husband rushed me the hospital. The crippling pain in my legs made it impossible for me to walk.


To our surprise, the doctors discovered multiple blood clots in my legs and abdomen. The diagnosis was Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a condition in which blood clots form in veins located deep inside the body.

For two weeks, I stayed in the Intensive Care Unit while doctors ran tests and performed surgeries to dissolve the blood clots.


At the time, I was a vegaterian and I was preparing to run a 5 k. With no prior history of DVT, I was mystified by the whole situation.


My doctors were never able to pinpoint what triggered the DVT. However, it was discovered that I have May-Thurner Syndrome, a rare vascular condition that affects a vein in the pelvis. It occurs when a nearby artery compresses the left iliac vein. This vein brings blood from your pelvis and legs back up to your heart (UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute).

With this news, doctors advised me to maintain a healthy weight to minimize pressure on my veins. They also prescribed blood thinners to prevent the reoccurrence of blood clots.

Today, I continue to take blood thinners. However, the good news is that the blood clots have not returned. In the years that have followed my health crisis, I have grown more knowledgeable about my health. I have developed a wellness routine to maintain overall physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

In July 2019, I returned from France with a new determination to take control of my health. I consulted a nutritionist at the University of Michigan Hospital and I developed a plan.


Within three months, through proper nutrition and daily exercise, I lost 19 pounds. I am proud to say that I continue to maintain a healthy weight. 

Now, I am a vegan. I believe that food is medicine. So, as much as possible, I like to prepare my meals. I workout regularly to support healthy blood flow throughout my body.


Additionally, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and treating myself to massages and acupuncture to relax my body and reduce stress.

As a believer in Christ, I make time to talk to the Lord in prayer and to read my Bible. This is the source of my faith and it keeps me grounded, especially when life becomes challenging.

A graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading and minor in English language arts.


It is a joy for me to share my passion for reading, healthy eating, cooking, and travel with others, especially women.


As a woman who has overcome multiple health challenges, I enjoy encouraging other women to transform their health. This is what inspired me to start Women's Wellness and Lifestyle with Robin M. Wilson. 


This online space was created for women, who like myself, seek to improve their overall health and wellness, and live a life of purpose.